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The solution
Pillar Car Protector (PCP for short) is an attractive, safe and durable solution for improving the experience of car park users.

PCP is made up of a core of 30 mm thick recycled, compact poly-propylene foam with a heavy duty canvass outer. Fitted to a height of usually 1.5 metres around car park pillars, the foam is almost impossible to compress.

PCP completely absorbs brushes and scrapes so preventing damage to vehicles. Both the foam core and the canvass outer are rot resisting and fire retardant.

The PCP canvass can be supplied in a single colour or custom printed in full colour to the most exacting specifications. For additional safety the base of the Pillar Car Protector can be enhanced with hazard warning stripes. As well as preventing unnecessary damage to vehicles, PCP is sure to brighten up even the dullest car park!

PCP is also a great medium for advertising and sponsorship.
As an advertiser you can reach your target audience with a unique solution that combines safety and high quality.
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